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Splash Pads

Jack Amyette Splash Pad

Normal hours of operation:
Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day each year
Monday through Saturday - 10AM to 7PM
Sunday - 1PM to 6PM

Opening Summer, 2018 - Northeast Creek Splash Pad
A splash pad is currently under construction at Northeast Creek Park.  This project is one of many proposed for this side of the park such as a restroom facility, renovated park shelter and new playground.

Splash Pad at Jack Amyette ParkFrequently Asked Questions:

  • What is a splash pad?
    The splash pad at Jack Amyette is a water play area for the public with no standing water. Users activate the water by pressing a button at the center of the area and it continues for several minutes until it needs to be activated again. 
  • When is the splash pad open and how much does it cost?
    The splash pad is open from 10AM to 7PM Monday through Saturday and 1PM to 6PM on Sunday. The splash pad is free and open to the public.
  • Where can I park?
    The splash pad is located at the Jack Amyette Recreation Center, 1825 South Drive. The parking lot resides behind the center, directly next to the splash pad area.
  • IMG_6162.jpgWhat ages are allowed at the splash pad?
    People of all ages are welcome to enjoy the splash pad. Children under the age of 10 must have adult supervision at all times.
  • Are pets allowed?
    No animals are allowed on the splash pad.
  • Is the splash pad handicap accessible?
    Yes, the splash pad is zero entry and zero depth.
  • Can I rent the splash pad for my day care/party/event/etc.?
    The splash pad is open to the public and therefore we are not renting it out for private use. Rentals are accepted for the Jack Amyette Recreation Center during certain hours.
  • What is your weather policy?
    In the case of inclement weather, the splash pad will be closed. If there is thunder or lightning, all users must vacate the splash pad for at least 30 minutes until the weather is clear. You are using this facility at your own risk.
  • Splash Pad KidsWhat is the max capacity?
    As safety allows.
  • Can childcare facilities use this as a field trip?
  • Splash pad is open to the public and anyone is welcome to use it. Large groups need to be aware of other patrons and make accommodations for all users of the park. A suggestion would be to visit the splash pad during less crowded times, such as Monday through Friday 10AM to 2PM, for example.  
  • Can I bring a chair and umbrella if we plan to be there for a while?
  • Yes. 

The splash pad is the latest amenity to Jack Amyette Recreation

Center, located at 1825 South Drive. The splash pad features a rounded cement design and nozzles of various shapes and heights that spray and pour water, along with sprinklers that shoot water upward from the pad. A button activates the pad during official hours of operation.
Free to use and open to the public, the splash pad offers a fun way for residents and visitors to cool off during the warmer months. Like a public pool, the water supplied to the pad is filtered, sterilized, and recycled through a 2,200 gallon tank. New water will be added to the reservoir as needed. 

This first splash pad was funded by the City's Community Development Block Grant. The City hopes to install more splash pads in other parts of Jacksonville.

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