2021 Redistricting Committee, Council ChambersRedistricting of City Wards

At the City council meeting of August 17, the Mayor and  Council appointed a 7 member Citizen advisory committee to work with City staff in redrawing the ward boundaries for the City’s 4 wards. This work will utilize the 2020 Census data and by state law must be completed by November.  The City's current ward map was drawn as a result of the 2010 Census data, and criteria by federal mandate. Click on the current ward map for a larger view. 

Scope of Work

The committee will have work sessions from August – October with the goal of submitting the draft boundaries to the Mayor and Council for adoption in November. They will work with 2020 Census data, consider geographical boundaries and population data in drafting the ward boundary options  for each of the City’s 4 wards. The committee will also seek Citizen input on the options for each ward before making a final recommendation to City Council. Standards for the redistricting process require that each ward has a standard population within 5%+ or 5%-  of all other wards.

Public Comment  

2021-Redistricting-Click Here to Submit a CommentSee the links provided in the meeting schedule below for details on areas of interest discussed by the committee. Provide your comments and include which area of interest you are commenting on. Your comments are welcome by email or mail to:

City of Jacksonville  
Attention City Clerk
PO Box 128
Jacksonville, NC 28541

G10TVWhere to Watch or Attend Meetings

2021-09-Redistricting-MeetingGrphic-web Opens in new windowRedistricting meetings will be broadcast on G10TV, streamed live on the City's facebook page, made available on and the City’s YouTube channel.  Watch Live on G10TV

The City’s Redistricting Committee will meet with City staff in City Council Chambers at 5:30PM on Wednesdays as needed, beginning August 25, 2021, to meet the North Carolina November deadline. The public may attend meetings, but input from Citizens will occur at a future public input meeting. Please check back to the City website for updates as they become available. 

As Onslow County COVID-19 numbers continue to cause concern, all persons will be required to properly wear face masks in City Hall and the number of people allowed in Council Chambers will be limited to 20 in total.

Watch Meetings Now (Meetings are added as they become available):

NC Law Establishes Municipal Election Schedule - City Elections to be held  March 8, 2022

2011 Ward Map Opens in new windowBy action of the State Legislature, the City of Jacksonville and other cites with a ward system will have their November 2021 elections moved to March 8, 2022. This law only changes the date for the 2021 elections and will not affect any future elections.

The candidate filing period for the affected Cities will now be December 6-17, 2021. Cities have until November 17, 2021 to complete their redistricting and notify the appropriate board of elections. If necessary, cities may request a one-month extension to December 17, 2021. This will move the candidate filing period to January 3-7, 2022 but the election date will remain as March 8, 2022.

Why Redistrict

Federal case law and state law requires the City to review the population of each district after each US census. A key test is the 5%+/5%- rule, which holds that the most populous and least populous wards are within 5% of the ideal ward population.  The ideal ward population is 18,180 which equals 25% of the total City population of 72,723.  (Image on right - 2011 Redistricting Committee session)

You Count Here - US CensusWho Counts in the Census?

Everyone counts and this holds true for the 2020 US Census count. The wards are configured for the ideal population of the City; young, old, voters, non-voters, minorities, and everyone. Some wards may have more turnout than others and some may have greater participation in elections. However, the “one person, one vote” clause of the Constitution requires the City to configure the wards to be as equal as possible counting the total population. Current Census data is available