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Street Lights

Street Lighting Maintenance2017-07-WilsonBayPark-NewLightFixtures-KT-0603-lightened.jpg

The City ensures new development compliance with established street lighting standards, responds to citizen improvement requests, and routinely inspects roadway lighting on a weekly basis for missing lights, malfunctions and defective lamps. The City has partnered with Jones-Onslow and Duke Energy for the installation and maintenance of the City’s street lights. The City has a street lighting ordinance concerning local installation practices and spacing of roadway lighting.

Street Lighting Policy

Report an Issue

If you have a street light outage or other street light issue in the City, please call the Traffic Operations Center at 910 938-5070. Emails can be sent to . 

Outages may also be reported to the respective electric companies:

Jones-Onslow Electric Membership Corporation (JOEMC)

Duke Energy Progress

Information to Provide for Street Light Outages:

  • Where is the light located?
  • What is the light doing?
  • Does the light cycle on and off?
  • Is the bulb completely dark at all times?
  • How many lights are out?


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