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Business - Privilege Licenses

What is a Privilege or Business License?

A Privilege License, sometimes referred to as a Business License registers a business with the City, and allows an owner to conduct the approved business. You will need to obtain a Privilege License if; you have a business, trade, profession, occupation, are calling on, selling or offering for sale articles of goods within the corporate limits of the City of Jacksonville. 


Privilege - Business License Quick FAQs

  • Businesses must comply with the City Municipal Code.
  • If you want to conduct business, trade, practice a profession/occupation, call on, sell goods in City limits you must have a Privilege License. You may apply for a Privilege License with the City
  • A separate license is required for each individual business.
  • If you have a state license, you also need to obtain a City Privilege License in Jacksonville
  • All affidavits & records of gross receipts shall remain private & confidential and shall not be disclosed. 
  • Business License Specialists are available for assistance Mon - Fri, 9AM-5PM, 910 938-5244
  • The Privilege License Form (see Application Forms below) is available online and at City Hall, 815 New Bridge Street 

Do I Need a License?
No - If your business is engaged in religious, educational, or charitable activities is exempt with a 501-C3 rating.
Yes - If you intend to conduct business, practice a trade, sell goods or offer a service in the City of Jacksonville, you need to obtain a Privilege License. Privilege License forms are available online at or at City Hall, 815 New Bridge Street, Jacksonville.

What is the cost & when do I need to renew?
Costs vary depending on the type of business you have and there is a set amount for service or goods sold. Privilege Licenses are based on the gross sales or receipts for the preceding year of the business. The current fee schedule is available online at Questions? Call 910 938-5244 

A Privilege License in the City of Jacksonville valid for one year. Renewal notices are mailed approximately 30 days prior to expiration. Beer and wine licenses are issued May 1 - April 30 annually. All other licenses are issued between July 1 - June 30 annually. Please note that if you change location, services or goods sold, you must immediately notify the City at 910 938-5244. Failure to do so within 30 days may result in loss of Privilege license. 

Important information needed to complete the Privilege License Form

  • Contact Information - Name, Phone Address, Business Owner Name, other
  • Name of Business (Register your business name with Onslow County Register of Deeds. Corporations must register with the Secretary of State’s Corporations Division. (Contact info on back) 
  • Federal Employer ID# Owner SSN may also be required. Businesses with employees are required to have a Federal Employer Identification number (SS-4 form) along with a North Carolina withholding tax number from the NC Business License Information Office. (Contact info on back)
  • Planning & Zoning Approval Date
  • Tax ID # - Are you selling goods? You will need a Sales & Use Tax # (AS/RP1 form)
  • Business type & location- Street address of business and type of business details
  • Additional Information may be required

Penalties - It shall be unlawful for any person or his agent or servant to engage in or carry on a business in the City for which there is required a license, without first having paid the license tax and obtained the license. Opening of a place of business, or offering to sell, followed by a single sale or the doing of any act or thing in furtherance of the business shall be construed to be engaging in or carrying on such business; and each day that such person shall be construed to be a separate offense. A 5% late penalty is assessed after 30 days and increases an additional 5% for each additional month.

Application Forms & Additional Information: 

Make a payment for your City of Jacksonville privilege license:   

       Pay Privilege License Tax

Additional Resources


IRS - Business Tax Kit - (800) 829-1040,

Tax ID-

OSHA - (919) 733-2486

Franchise Association - (202) 628-8000,

US Small Business Admin - (704) 344-6563,

Onslow County

Agricultural Extension Office - 910 455-5873, 

Chamber of Commerce - 910 347-3141,

Health Department-Food & Lodging Insp. - 
910 938-5851

Register of Deeds-Filing Name - 910 347-3451,

Small Business Center - CCCC 
910 938-6322,

Tax Office, 39 Tallman St. - 910 989-2202,

North Carolina

Alcohol Beverage Control - 919 779-0700,

License Information Office - 800 228-8443,

of Labor - 910 733-7166,

of Revenue - 910 455-9448,

Employment Security Commission - 910 347-2121,

Business & Technology Development Ctr - 800 2580-UNC,

Servicenter - 800 228-8443,

Secretary of State Office, Incorporation - 800 228-8443, 919 807-2166, 

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