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Fire Hydrant Program
The fire hydrant program ensures that each fire hydrant in the City of Jacksonville receives regular flow testing. It also ensures hydrants receive routine maintenance, which includes:

- Open and shut valve stem
- Flow a small amount of water
- Maintain a 3-feet clearance around hydrant
- Paint

There are approximately 2,450 fire hydrants in the City of Jacksonville. The fire hydrants are color-coded according to their GPM (gallons per minute).

- Light blue: 1500 GPM or more
- Green: 1000-1499 GPM
- Orange: 500-000 GPM
- Red: 500 GPM or less

Private fire hydrants are painted yellow, and the bonnet (top of the hydrant) is color-coded according to their capacity as well. fire hydrant maintenance and the color-coding are performed according to guidelines set forth in the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Standard 291.

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