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Traffic Signals
Intelligent Transportation System
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The City of Jacksonville’s Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) is one of the most advanced traffic management programs in North Carolina.  ITS is a collaborative arrangement between the City and North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) where NCDOT reimburses the City for traffic signal maintenance and operations throughout the Jacksonville area. The purpose of ITS is to ensure signal reliability through regular maintenance and efficient traffic flow through active monitoring.

ITS Features: 
  • A Traffic Operations Center (TOC) located in the City’s Center for Public Safety is the control point for ITS. City staff within the TOC actively monitors traffic using cameras mounted at key intersections and make real-time adjustments to optimize flow.
    • The TOC is manned Monday through Friday; however, City staff can access the center at any time through remote connectivity.
    • The system is capable of other functions including diagnosing and reporting equipment failures as well as displaying messages on digital signs to notify drivers of travel conditions.
  • 87 traffic signals, 42 traffic monitoring cameras and 8 digital message signs.
  • 40 miles of fiber optic cable to communicate with signals, cameras and signs.
  • Traffic signal preemption devices that are used by the City’s Fire Department and County Emergency Medical Services to turn signals green in their path when responding to emergency calls.


For a signal emergency or bulb failure please call: 910-938-5063
To report a signal timing issue please call: 910-938-5070
Additionally, emails may be sent to

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