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Cigarette Butt Pollution Facts
Cigarette Butt in street Did you know.... Worldwide, smokers toss at least 4.5 trillion cigarette butts each year. Cigarette butts are the most littered item in the world and are a danger to wildlife having been found in the stomachs of fish and birds and other marine animals.

Cigarette butts contain concentrated toxic chemicals and (acetate) plastic that is NOT biodegradable.

Citizens and businesses “pick up” the tab - Cigarette butt litter has to be cleaned up and requires additional sidewalk and street sweeping, greenway and park maintenance, storm drain cleaning, and increased maintenance of storm water filters. 

Recreation areas become less attractive.
 Tobacco litter represents nearly 32% of all litter in outdoor recreation areas.¹ Cigar tip and cigarette butt litter on beaches and waterfronts, at ball fields and parks, picnic areas and hiking trails decreases the appeal of these natural escapes. It also creates fire hazards, impacts local wildlife, and eventually contributes to lost tourism and revenue.

Pollution in our waterwaysA flicked cigarette butt or cigar tip may seem like nothing, but if you follow it, you would see that it’s carried off by rain into City storm drains which flows to streams, the New River and Wilson Bay. In fact, 32% of litter at storm drains is tobacco products. Nearly 80% of marine debris comes from land-based sources. Cigarette butt litter can also pose a hazard to animals and marine life when they mistake filters for food

Cigarette but on grass#1 most littered item - Cigarette butt. Butts accumulates in gutters, streets and sidewalks. Increasing amounts of litter in a business district, along waterways, or recreation areas create a sense that no one cares, leading to more community disorder and crime adding to the growth of urban blight.

Cigarette butts are not biodegradable. 
 About 95% of cigarette filters are composed of cellulose acetate, a form of plastic which does not quickly degrade and can persist in the environment. Cigar tips, too, are predominantly plastic.

What You Can Do
Sign up to help pick up and count butts in Jacksonville. Individuals and groups are welcome. Students, families neighborhoods and organized groups are welcome. Contact Jacksonville Community Affairs at 910 938-6551 to join. 

We will work with you to find a location near you to pick up and count butts. You can 'Adopt-A-Curb' to help in the on going campaign to make our City a Clean and Green Jacksonville. 

Questions? Call 910 938-6551

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