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2015 Street Rehabilitation Project
Highlighted Areas to be Rehabilitated
Rehabilitation and resurfacing of roadways in the City is set to begin.  Portions of roads to be resurfaced are highlighted in red. 


The City of Jacksonville maintains about 154 miles of streets within the City limits. Major roads like Western Blvd, Marine Blvd, and Lejeune Blvd are maintained by the NCDOT but most neighborhood streets and many of the other streets and roads throughout Jacksonville are kept up by the City Streets Department.


In June the City Council awarded a contract to rehabilitate many City streets in 2015 and 2016. Streets are selected for rehabilitation based on their conditiontaking into account things like potholes, patches, and cracks.  Streets are given letter grades A through E with E being very poor condition.


The City has chosen to concentrate on C graded streets because it is much more cost effective to fix a street when it is a C than when it degrades to a D or E condition.  Fortunately, the D and E streets represent a small percentage of the City’s streets and repairs to those them are usually included in a much bigger capital improvement project


Funding to rehabilitate City streets comes from the state gas tax. Simply repaving a street costs about $225,000 a mile and involves milling the street surface and overlaying new asphalt.  Reclamation involves grinding up the old street and mixing it with concrete to create a solid base for new asphalt and costs about $780,000 a mile.

This fiscal year the City has hired a contractor to rehab Westminister Road, Nottingham Road, Hyatt Circle, Huff Drive, York Street, York Court, Linwood Drive, Delmar Road, Carriage Drive, River Street, Red Oak Street, Lloyd Street, E. Thompson Street, Sioux Drive, Corbin Street, Forest Grove Ave., Lionel Ave., E. BayshoreBlvd, and Plantation Drive.

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