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City Efforts
It Started Here
The origins of the Clean and Green Jacksonville campaign can be found in Wilson Bay. The City Council felt they had a moral responsibility to help clean up the bay. As a result of the efforts, cormorants and other birds are today evidence of a cleaner bay and of our efforts to keep our City clean and green. Stormwater Manager Pat Donovan Potts talked with environmentalists about Water Quality.

Fishermen Prove It
Captain Ricky Kellum demonstrates the benefits of a cleaner New River every time he takes a charter fishing. He knows the river is cleaner now. The Clean and Green Jacksonville program seeks to continue clean up work. Ricky Kellum talks about Fishing on the New River in this video.

Big Scale Recycling
The Sturgeon City nonprofit is undertaking recycling in a big way using materials from the Phillips Bridge to create an artificial reef. Concrete from the bridge is used to build the reef in the lower New River. Watch the G10TV video about Bridge Recycling.

It's About Appearance
Clean and Green Jacksonville is about looking good. For city parks, byways, and buildings, it’s about appearance. Jacksonville crews work hard at improving the appearance of the city as part of the Clean and Green Jacksonville campaign. Remember to can or bag your yard waste to help keep Jacksonville clean and green.

What Goes Down Matters
Jacksonville’s Clean and Green campaign seeks to protect our New River and streams. Watch what goes down storm drains. Don’t over fertilize your yard and remember to keep drains clear of leaves and trash.

Pet Responsibility
Have a pet? Take responsibility for your pet. Pet waste contributes to pollution in our New River and streams. Use our convenient stations to get a bag to clean up after your pet. Pet stations are located in city parks. Jacksonville Pet Stations 

Clean, Green & Efficient
City automated sanitation trucks help the Clean and Green campaign by providing efficient and productive service. You can help by bagging your garbage so litter doesn't escape when the automation dumps your containers. You can also help by recycling and reducing your garbage.

Environmentally Friendly
Jacksonville’s wastewater plant was one of the first in the state to use an environmentally friendly method of spraying trees. The Clean and Green Jacksonville campaign encourages you to use environmentally friendly products at home.

Energy Efficiency
The Clean and Green Jacksonville campaign looks for ways to be environmentally friendly and beneficial to our citizens. BarrySha Session drives a hybrid car as part of the city’s effort to be green. A handle held unit lets her read hundreds of water meters remotely. It saves time, gas, and is more accurate. Remember, paying your bills online is a very green activity you can do.

Everyone Can Help
Everyone can help make Jacksonville a cleaner place. Members of the Jacksonville Youth Council helped by cleaning the glass at the Vietnam Memorial. You can help Clean and Green Jacksonville with your community clean up activity. Contact Community Development for cleanup ideas.

Personal Responsibility
Grease pollutes. Putting grease down the drain causes clogs, which potentially creates backups. Use a can to put used grease in. A free reusable lid for standard cans, as well as a scraper to avoid using paper towels, is available at City Hall. Grease Education

Police must be prepared to use their weapons. Therefore, they must train. Jacksonville’s new police training range uses traps to prevent lead bullets from contaminating the soil and Officer Jacob Parker uses a device to pick up spent shells off a protective flooring. The Clean and Green Jacksonville campaign looks for ways to be environmentally friendly and beneficial to our citizens.

The Jacksonville Fire Department (JFD) takes care to educate the public about fire safety and prevention. When a fire does occur, the JFD works quickly and efficiently to put the fire out. If fires occur due to chemical or gasoline spills, the JFD uses an environmentally friendly product for extinguishing the flames and dissolve the burning material. Fire Prevention Video 

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