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Summer Athletic Camps
Summer CampsJacksonville Recreation and Parks offers summer youth athletic camps from June through August annually.  Check out the flyer for the latest information, or call  910 938-5312. 

Campers will participate in activities and drills that will help increase their skills and knowledge of each sport. Participants will need to provide their own equipment related to each camp. 

This includes a tennis racket, baseball glove, or bats. All other equipment needed to participate in the program will be provided by the camp directors. 
Summer Camp, Football
Campers should dress appropriately for each day of the camp, bring a snack, drink, sports specific shoes, and the appropriate equipment listed.  

Registration deadline for the camps is the Monday prior to each camp. 
  • Register online! If you have any questions or need assistance with this process, please contact the Administration Office at 910 938-5312.

Athletic Camps Offered


Participants will learn the fundamentals of baseball including batting, fielding, and catching. While enjoying the outdoors, campers will learn a variety of skills to help improve their game. Campers are be responsible for bringing his own glove. All other equipment is provided for this camp.
Basketball (Co-ed) If you're a beginner, you will learn the fundamentals of basketball. If you are a more advanced player, you can use this opportunity to increase your skills and knowledge of the game at basketball camp. All equipment for this camp is provided.
Cheerleading Learn basic skills and cheers at this cheerleading camp. It's a lot of fun and a great way to meet new people while using some positive energy. All equipment that may be needed for this camp is provided.
Football The football camp is designed to teach participants the essential fundamentals of football. Campers will work on a variety of drills and several skills. They will learn techniques and strategies used for the different football positions. All equipment for this camp is provided.
Soccer Soccer camp will help participants learn the fundamentals of the game while having a good time. Campers will also increase their knowledge and basic skills of soccer. For safety reasons, it is required that participants bring shin guards. All other equipment is provided.
Tennis A high quality instruction program to participants of varying ages and abilities. The camp will focus on teaching tennis techniques and strategies, building strength and endurance, improving agility, and enhancing players' coordination and speed. You will receive instruction in the following areas: serve, volley, backhand, forehand, beginning strategies, scoring and court etiquette.

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