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State Roads
State Roads Maintained by the City of Jacksonville
  • Bell Fork Road (SR 1308), Lejuene Boulevard to Marine Boulevard (U.S. 17)
  • Gum Branch Road (SR 1308), city limits to Marine Boulevard
  • Hargett Street (Sr 1403), Lejeune Boulevard to Bell Fork Road
  • Henderson / Onslow Drive (Sr 1336), Gum Branch Road to New River Drive
  • Johnson Boulevard (FAP), Marine Boulevard to Lejeune Boulevard 
  • Marine Boulevard (U.S. 17), Chaney Creek to Bell Fork Road
  • Marine Boulevard (U.S. 17), U.S. 258 to Chaney Creek
  • Old Bridge / Railroad Street, (SR 1402), U.S. 17 to New Bridge Street
  • Western Boulevard (FAU), Lejeune Boulevard to Marine Boulevard

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