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Tourism Promotion Fund
Tourism Development

Notice of Application Options for Tourism Development Funds
The Jacksonville Tourism Development Authority is charged to drive overnight stays in Jacksonville Lodging Facilities. Funds to do this are collected from those who use the facilities. Currently the Authority funds sports related travel promotion activities, festivals and other events that drive overnight stays and now is also interested in initiatives that would further and sustain overnight stays in an enterprise or entrepreneurial manner.


Tourism Promotion Fund
For promotion of activities or events that directly create overnight stays in Jacksonville lodging facilities. Funds available are only for marketing and promotion in advance of the activity. A series of panels will review the proposals before presentation to the Authority with a recommendation. The deadline is April 4, 2016 and a technical meeting is required prior to March 29, 2016 before an application can be completed. Call 938-5220 for a meeting or fill out the contact request form (below or wherever).

Strategic Initiative Fund 
This is a very open category for proposals that would enhance the visitor experience or provide new concepts. The proposals and the action must drive overnight stays in Jacksonville lodging facilities. There is also interest in proposals that would enhance the visitor experience. These may be enterprise activities such as conducting tours, creating new programs that would draw overnight stays or otherwise be creative in their efforts. 

A technical meeting with staff is required prior to application. Call 938-5220 to setup a technical meeting. Because the Strategic Initiative Fund is a more involved process, a deadline for the proposal will be developed as the categories for consideration are developed. Persons or entities interested in this effort should contact staff as soon as possible. The Authority is meeting in late April and proposals should be developed as soon as possible for consideration to be placed in the FY17 Budget.

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