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Environmental & Appearance Advisory Committee
Jacksonville Environmental and Appearance Advisory CommitteeAbout the Committee
The Environmental and Appearance Advisory Committee advises the City on matters that work to achieve a clean and green Jacksonville. This includes efforts to beautify and enhance the visual quality of the City and its public rights-of-way, trails, and greenways; to reduce litter, encourage recycling, and reduce non-recyclable solid waste; promote an environmentally sustainable community, conserve resources, habitat preservation, and educate the community, and encourage partnerships and community efforts that advance a clean and green Jacksonville. The committee also initiates and carries out community appearance projects and the City Tree Board is a component of the committee. 

Qualifications for Appointment
Members must reside within the city limits be registered to vote within Onslow County except for active duty military personnel.

Members & Meetings
Current members and scheduled meetings for the City of Jacksonville Environmental & Appearance Advisory Committee.

Want to join this committee?
Fill out the application to set up an appointment. 

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City Clerk's Office

City Hall
815 New Bridge St.
Jacksonville, NC 28540

910 938-5224

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