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Projects & Planning
TrafficTransit Development Plan
The Jacksonville Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) has embraced a Transit System Development Plan that has been completed and recommends several short-term operational changes to improve the efficiency and effectiveness over the next five years. A key recommendation is to add an additional service route for the Sandy Run and Georgetown areas, in addition to downtown Jacksonville and the commercial area around Yopp Road.

Multimodal Transportation Center
A new multimodal transportation site is under development for Jacksonville. The Center will be the primary bus station for Jacksonville Transit, Onslow United Transit System, Grehound/Trailways and AMTRAK thru-way service. The facility will also be the primary trailhead for the Jacksonville Rail Trail system.  

Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)
Construction is underway to improve traffic flow within the city and surrounding area. In a cooperative effort between the North Carolina Department of Transportation and the City of Jacksonville, more than 80 traffic signals will be updated with new technology during the next year to help optimize flow and reduce congestion along our major highway corridors.

Once completed, City staff will remotely monitor traffic patterns from a traffic operations center (TOC) and adjust signals in real-time to improve traffic flow. A series of video cameras installed at key locations throughout the area will not only allow TOC staff to monitor traffic for the signals, it will also allow them to immediately call in emergency situations to police dispatch and divert traffic around problem areas as needed.

Contact Information
If you want to know more about MPO planning and projects, please call the Jacksonville MPO at (910) 938-5292 or (910) 938-5073.

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