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Senior Citizens
Are You OK? Program for Senior Citizensareyouokay-thumb.png
The “Are you OK?” Program allows senior citizens and others to register for an automated call from the Department of PublicSafety to check on their welfare. Subscribers may direct the frequency, days of week, and time of days for the calls. Should the subscriber not respond to their call, a telecommunicator will follow up and will send an officer to check on the subscriber.

For more information and for registration forms, click here.

Con Games & the Elderly

Crime is a frightening problem, especially for senior Citizens. You as a senior Citizen may be worried about burglary, fraud, muggings, and purse snatching. But, you don't have to feel helpless! You can learn how to reduce your chances of becoming a victim of crime. You can start by learning some basic prevention information. For example, it helps to know: how criminals operate and how to make crime difficult. Remember, you don't necessarily need physical strength, agility, speed, or expensive security devices. You do need to be alert, cautious and self confident. These are the types of issues discussed in the program entitled "Con Games and the Elderly", offered by the Jacksonville Police Community Services.

Safety for Women
This crime prevention program addresses issues for ladies concerning safe walking, jogging, obscene telephone callers, being harassed while driving, etc. Lecture and visual aides demonstrate hazards and provide maximum safety features to the audience. The acronym SAFE (Secure Avoid Flee Engage) is the core of the seminar. This particular program can be altered to meet the criteria for all age groups. The safety tips for women is a crime prevention program that has met with great success and continues to be a vital part of Jacksonville Police Community Services.

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