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Customer Feedback

  1. How Are We Doing?
    Jacksonville Transit is committed to providing reliable, safe and satisfying transportation options for the community. Customers of Jacksonville Transit are a fundamental aspect of our business and as such, your feedback is crucial to help us improve our system. Jacksonville Transit appreciates any customer feedback including compliments, suggestions, or concerns. Please complete as much of the following information as possible. You can also call our One-Call Center at 910-938-RIDE (7433). A print version of this form may be obtained by calling 910-938-RIDE (7433).
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    Feedback Review Process: All feedback from customers is valued and will be documented and reviewed by the Transportation Services Administrator. After review, the Transportation Services Administrator will distribute customer feedback to the appropriate contact for investigation. Feedback Acknowledgement: Anyone who submits a comment, complaint, or service suggestion to Jacksonville Transit shall receive a response provided they give legible contact information. Customer Appeals Process: Any person who is dissatisfied with the response they receive from Jacksonville Transit is welcome to appeal the decision. The Jacksonville Deputy City Manager will review customer appeals and make a final decision regarding the issue.
  7. Information and Policy
    Information about Policy: Information about the Customer Complaint Policy, including how to submit a complaint, will be made available to riders: 1. When customers are approved for ADA paratransit service, 2. When customers are re-evaluated for ADA paratransit service or if customers are not re-evaluated, every three years, 3. Comment cards available on all transportation vehicles, 4. On the Jacksonville Transit website. Protection from Retribution: Customers of Jacksonville Transit should be able to submit feedback without fear or retribution from the agency. If a rider feels they are being treated unfairly in response to the feedback that they provided, they should contact the Transportation Services Administrator. Jacksonville Transit or its contractors will appropriately discipline any employee that retaliates against a customer.
  8. Contact Us
    Jacksonville Transit, PO Box 128, Jacksonville, NC 28541-0128., 910 938-5031 and 910 938-RIDE (7433).
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