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Jamboree Vendor Application 2019

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  2. Dear Vendors & Exhibitors:

    Thank you for your interest in participating in Jacksonville’s Jamboree, which will be held on Saturday, May 4, 2019. The festival area will be open to the public on Saturday, May 4 during the hours of 10AM until 6PM and will be located at the Jacksonville Commons Recreation Complex.

  3. The application for booth space is below and we ask that you read the Vendor Information carefully.

  4. This is an outdoor event which is open to all artists and exhibitors. Every effort will be made to avoid the duplication of products being sold/displayed at this event and booths will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

  5. To become a vendor or exhibitor at Jacksonville’s Jamboree, you must fully complete the application, submit payment of all fees, hereby accepting and agreeing to ALL of the guidelines. Food vendors must submit a Certificate of Insurance 30 days prior to the event. All vendors, new and returning, MUST submit current photos of all saleable items. We ask that food vendors provide us with a menu. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.


    • No flea market/used items are allowed. • No pets, skateboards, bikes or scooters are allowed within your booth area. • Certificates of insurance may be required, please read the enclosed information. • We require that you provide a copy of your Certificate of Registration from the NC Dept. of Revenue.

  7. Having 7,000+ in attendance in 2018, Jacksonville’s Jamboree 2019 is sure to be a success with your participation!

  8. Vendor Application

    This application must be submitted no later than Friday, April 19, 2019

  9. All communication will be conducted via email therefore we ask that you please make sure the information provided is valid.

  10. Vendor Type*

    Select One

  11. Additional Information Required:

    Below are two fields in which you are required to upload information. For food vendors, please upload your menu. For Arts/Crafts/Merchandise vendors, please upload photos of your booth and/or merchandise.

  12. Booth Space Requested*

  13. Food Vendors please select the type of power source you will be using.*

  14. Additional Information Required:

    Food vendors will be required to provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance with the following at least 21 business days prior to the event: Comprehensive General Liability Insurance- $1,000,000 Single Limit/$2,000,000 General Aggregate; Automobile Liability Insurance -$1,000,000 Single Limit; Worker's Compensation Insurance in accordance with North Carolina Statutory Limits. PLEASE NOTE: The City of Jacksonville, PO Box 128, Jacksonville NC 28541 must be listed as the Certificate Holder and as an additional insured with regards to General Liability and Automobile Liability. The insurer must be licensed in the State of North Carolina.

  15. ALL Vendors are required to provide a NC Sales & Use Tax number or a copy of your Certificate of Registration from the NC Dept of Revenue. Questions regarding these two requirements can be sent to

  16. You will be notified by email upon acceptance or application.

    Once your application has been accepted, you will be emailed an invoice to make payment via PayPal.


  18. Release & Hold Harmless

    I/we, the undersigned, for and in consideration of permission and space to participate in Jacksonville's Jamboree on May 4, 2019, agree to release and hold harmless, and defend the City of Jacksonville, NC, Jacksonville's Jamboree, its officials, representatives, agents, servants, and employees from and against any an allow claims, actions, lawsuits, damages, judgements, liability and expense, including attorney fees and litigation expenses, in whole or in part arising out of, connected with or in any way associated with my/our activities preparing for Jacksonville's Jamboree, participating in Jacksonville's Jamboree or traveling to or from the City of Jacksonville by Jacksonville's Jamboree.

  19. Agreement with Release & Hold Harmless*

    I have read and fully understand the above release and hold harmless agreement.

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