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Jacksonville's Jamboree Vendor Application 2023

  1. 2023 Jacksonville's Jamboree Vendor Application

    Please complete this application in full. Partially completed applications will not be processed. Your spot is not guaranteed until paid in full and all photos, menus, etc. are received.

    Vendor Spaces are 10X10, and are $50 per space. 

    Food Truck Rodeo spaces are 20x20, and are  $100 per space. 

    For questions, please call 910 938-5312

  2. Event Information

    Jacksonville's Jamboree 2023 - Saturday, May 6 (rain or shine)  from 10 AM - 6 PM. 

  3. There is no electricity or running water available in the vendor area and only food vendors are permitted to have generators. NO EXCEPTIONS
  4. Please select the description fitting items you will be selling during the Jamboree. PLEASE CHECK ALL THAT APPLY*

    PLEASE NOTE: The following are not permitted in the vendor area-raffles, bottled water or carbonated drinks unless you are a food vendor, pets, skateboards, bikes or scooters.

  5. How many spots will you need? *
  6. The Jacksonville's Jamboree Committee reserves the right to accept or deny any or all applications. Our goal is to not duplicate services or items for sale between vendors.

  7. Food Trucks - do you have a food trailer pulled by a vehicle or enclosed food truck?
  8. Every effort will be made to prevent or limit duplication of items between vendors.
  9. Please note: your booth may not be approved if photos are not provided.
  10. All vendors selling items during the event must provide a copy of the NC Dept of Revenue Certificate of Registration. This requirement is in place through G.S. 66-255 (2013) and requires that all vendors selling or offering goods for sale to have either a sales & Use Tax Number or Certificate of Registration. For more information, please visit
  11. Acknowledgements*
    I understand that vendors are expected to be in operation for the entire duration of the event.
  12. I understand that no vendor vehicles will be permitted in the event area between the hours of 10-6PM so that the safety of the attendees and vendors is preserved.*
  13. Food Truck Rodeo Vendors
    I understand that I will be required to provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance with Comprehensive General Liability Insurance with $1,000,000 Single Limit/$2,000,000 General Aggregate and Auto Liability Insurance with $1,000,000 Single Limit. PLEASE NOTE: the City of Jacksonville must be an additional insured and certificate holder and your insurer must be licensed by the NC Dept of Insurance. Non-compliance with this requirement will justify your food truck being excluded from the event.
  14. Waiver of Liability

    I hereby certify that I fully understand and agree to abide by all of the material, rules and policies outlined herein. Failure to comply may result in my vendor space being cancelled or terminated. RELEASE OF LIABILITY: I waive all rights and release all claims that might be had against the City of Jacksonville Recreation & Parks Department, its hired or contracted instructors, and their employees and agents, for any and all injuries or losses which may be suffered because of my use of City of Jacksonville facilities.

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