How can I improve my chances of being called for an interview?
Positions with the City of Jacksonville can be very competitive. We recommend that you focus your efforts on those positions where your experience and qualifications closely match the requirements of the position. Read the job announcement carefully, paying close attention to the experience, skills, and requirements being sought. Your application will only be considered for positions for which you meet the minimum requirements and have applied.

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1. Are there special arrangements for persons with disabilities?
2. Do I have to complete an online application?
3. Do jobs have a closing date?
4. How am I notified if I am not selected for a position?
5. How can I improve my chances of being called for an interview?
6. How do I view a listing of all vacant positions for the City of Jacksonville?
7. How long before I should expect to be called for an interview?
8. I am a City of Jacksonville employee. Where do I go to view internal postings?
9. I am applying for a position with the Police Department. Are there any other forms I will need to complete?
10. I am encountering difficulties in accessing the online application?
11. I don’t have access to a computer. How can I apply for a position?
12. I don’t see any jobs that I am interested in.
13. I have already applied for one position and want to apply for a different position.
14. Is a criminal background check and drug screen required?
15. Since I am a current City employee, do I need to put in all my employment information and educational background?
16. What if I forget my User Name or Password?
17. What type of benefits does the City of Jacksonville offer employees?
18. Who do I contact if I have questions?
19. Will my application be considered for other positions?
20. Will my references be contacted?