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Posted on: November 14, 2017

Service Alert: Changes to City Recycling

For many years, the City has had a successful recycling program and has encouraged residents and businesses to recycle most items. However, the recycling business is changing as the market for certain recyclables has changed. While more people are recycling, fewer companies are using recycled materials. 

Because there are limited markets for certain items, the County recycling processor will charge the City for handling materials that can’t be recycled easily, for items that are not cost effective to recycle, and for non recyclables (household garbage) that people put in their recycling containers.

It could cost thousands of dollars a month if we do not clean our recycling stream, and the City would be forced to pass that cost on to our sanitation customers. 

To avoid costly fees and to help maximize our recycling efforts, as of January 1, 2018, the City will only collect the following items:

• Plastic bottles and containers, #1-5 & 7 (no #6)
• Rinsed bimetal food and aluminum cans or containers
• Glass of all colors 
• Cardboard boxes and cartons free of food waste
• Flattened cardboard boxes
• Mixed paper i.e. junk mail and office paper, but not shredded paper 
• Newspapers and magazines  

No other items will be collected by the City for recycling. Should other items be placed in the recycling container, your recycling may not be collected.

Prohibited items include but are not limited to: shredded paper, plastic bags, Christmas lights, needles, clothing, Styrofoam™, mirrors, ceramics, appliances, batteries, auto parts, cooking pots & pans, light bulbs, mini blinds, yard waste, bulk waste, household garbage

As a reminder, recyclables cannot be bagged in plastic grocery or trash bags. To recycle your plastic grocery bags, take them to a grocery store that collects them for recycling.

Should you have questions about these changes to the City's recycling service, please call the Sanitation Department at 910 938-5338.
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