Ward Maps

City Voting Wards

New voting wards for Jacksonville went into effect after the 2011 election. View the warm map to locate which ward you are in. Not sure what voting ward you are in? Find your street with GIS map.

Plans suggested by the Jacksonville Redistricting Committee and approved by the Jacksonville City Council have been cleared by the U.S. Justice Department in time for an on-time election for city offices.

Redistricting Wards in Jacksonville

Redistricting was required for the city’s wards as a result of new population counts from the U.S. Census. Those counts showed the wards needed adjustment to as a result of how the city grew, how people moved around the city, and how the U.S. Census Bureau counted deployed persons.

The result required the city to redraw four wards with equal population. The Jacksonville Redistricting Committee was formed by the City Council to undertake the drawing process. After a public input session in each of the four wards and a citywide session at City Hall, as well as input from Facebook, the web, and email, the committee devised criteria for the wards, which was used to formulate three plans that were considered by the committee.

2013 Ward Map

The selected plan closely resembles the current ward map. The City Council held a public hearing and adopted the plan presented by the committee without alteration. Onslow is one of several counties that fall under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act and a pre-clearance of the city’s wards was required before they could take effect. The U.S. Justice Department has issued that pre-clearance allowing the city’s election to proceed in November, pending approval from the State Board of Elections.