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All applications for job postings are accepted online at www.jacksonvillenc.gov/jobs.

Review the Job Posting – Look beyond the position title and review the essential functions, along with the education and experience required.

Apply Early – Interested applicants must apply prior to the job closing date in order to be considered. As applications are received, designated Human Resources personnel review applications against the minimum requirements to fill the position. Some positions may require additional applicant participation, such as, in person or online assessments, performance test, and/or other documentation.

Candidate InterviewScreening & Interviews

Identifying Candidates - Applicants that meet the minimum requirements for the position being filled may be forwarded to subject matter experts for consideration to be interviewed. During this time, selected candidates may receive a phone screening call which is a good opportunity to learn more about the position for which they applied.

Keep a Sharp Lookout - Selected candidates may receive an email notification or phone call to schedule an interview or assessment.

Selection Recommendation – Recommended candidates will be forwarded to the Department Director for review before being recommended for hire. 2022-HR-communications-1

Communication & Notifications 

Selected Candidate(s) – The selected candidate(s) will receive a phone call from a Department Representative or Human Resources regarding a conditional offer of employment. Conditional offers are contingent on pre-employment screening results.

Other Notifications – All applicants and candidates will be notified if they were not selected via email.

City Employees - best practicesBest Practices for Candidates

  1. Study the job posting and research.
  2. Be prepared to discuss specific examples of your work.
  3. Show interest, and ask questions about the position and the City at an interview.
  4. Follow up with a thank you when interviewed.


2022-HR-keyconsiderations-1Key Considerations

The selection processes will vary depending on the nature of the position, the Human Resources department will keep you informed via email notifications throughout the process. However, most positions take two to six weeks to complete the selection process.

Contact Us 

Contact the Human Resources Department if you are concerned at 910-938-5386.