Traffic Education

Selective Traffic Enforcement

Jacksonville Police strive to ensure safety on local roadways. Our traffic division is concerned with where motor vehicle violations seem to occur most often in our city. Traffic enforcement uses speed detection devices, speed trailers, license checks, etc. in selected areas. We also partner with surrounding agencies to coordinate targeted traffic enforcement during major holidays where impaired drivers are more likely to be on our roadways. 

Reporting a Traffic Concern 

Do you feel there is a traffic concern in an area within our city? If so, please contact our Traffic Division via e-mail or by calling 910-938-6435. 

You can report issues with city traffic signals, street lights, or street maintenance by visiting and scrolling to the bottom of the page to "Report a Problem." 

You can also fill out our online CITE form if you witness someone driving in an unsafe manner. This will be addressed by our Traffic Division personnel. 

Youth Education  

Driving while impaired is a major problem in America and most affected are young people ages 16 to 19 years old. Traffic officers teach students at local high schools about traffic laws and common causes of crashes related to teen drivers as part of driver education. Focus is on what our officers encounter on our local roads and how to remain safe as a new driver. 

Additional Resources 

  • BikeSafe NC- for upcoming local classes on motorcycle safety with assessments 
  • JUMPO - to learn about current and upcoming transportation projects in our city 
  • Bicycle Safety- bicycle safety tips from the North Carolina Department of Transportation 
  • Trails- find local trails to walk or bicycle 
  • Bicycles on Buses- how to ride our public transit system and load/unload your bicycle
  • Bus Laws- North Carolina laws on when to stop for school buses
  • NC Traffic Laws- North Carolina General Statutes on Motor Vehicles 

Lieutenant Williams and Sergeant Smallwood at a Bike Safe NC event.
Lieutenant Potter and Officer Mellon riding their bikes in the city
Jacksonville Police car at a presentation for effects of drinking and driving
safety tips for pedestrians flyer
safety tips for drivers flyer