Frequently Asked Questions

Routes & Route Schedule

Where does the bus go?

Jacksonville Transit currently operates four fixed routes throughout the City of Jacksonville. The fixed routes are conveniently planned throughout the City of Jacksonville surrounding all shopping, restaurant, and entertainment areas. There is an Express Route that operates Friday through Sunday offering services on and off Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune and Camp Johnson. Some portions of the Express Route require a valid Military ID.  For more information please visit Route Maps & Schedules.

How do I read the route schedule?

Jacksonville Transit time points indicate minutes after each hour that a bus will arrive at a stop. Ex: 30 = 30 minutes past every hour (10:30, 11:30, etc….)

Riding the Bus

How do I get on/off the bus?

All passengers must be directly in front of the bus stop or else the bus will not stop. As a courtesy, please wait for any other passengers to safely depart from the bus before boarding.  Make sure to show the bus driver your ticket on the Token Transit app, or place a paper ticket or exact change in the fare box.  Once your destination stop is approaching, simply pull on the string above the window so that it will alert the bus driver to stop at the next bus stop.  If you have any questions regarding which stop to depart at, please do not hesitate to ask the bus driver.

What if I need to transfer to another bus?

Transfer tickets allow passengers to take up to three (3) consecutive buses in order to reach their final destination.  If a passenger needs to transfer to another bus, please request a transfer ticket from the driver when boarding the bus. The bus driver will then issue a transfer slip with the bus driver’s initials and time the passenger departs the bus.  You will then be given a period of 30 minutes from the time departing the bus till the time boarding the next bus for the transfer to be of no charge.  If a passenger is unable to transfer within this time period, he/she will have to pay the bus fare to board the transfer bus.

Paying for Bus Fare

How do I pay and how much does it cost to ride the bus?

Jacksonville Transit offers three methods of payment.  Download the Token Transit App on an Android or Apple smart phone, pay with exact change, or purchase a paper ticket at Jacksonville Station, located at 1300 N. Marine Blvd across from the KFC to drop in the fare box. For regular bus fare it is $1.50 each way.  If you have a Reduced Fare I.D. it is $0.75 each way.

Do you offer discounts?

Jacksonville Transit offers Reduced Fare to passengers ages 6-18, Seniors age 65 and over, and person(s) with disabilities with approved photo ID card. Download the Reduced Fare Application, print out the application and fill all the required fields and have the customer's Physician fill out the required portion along with their signature. Completed applications can be mailed to City Hall, 815 New Bridge St, Jacksonville, NC 28540 or brought to Jacksonville Station 1300 N. Marine Blvd. For more information, please call 910-938-RIDE (7433). 

Planning a Trip

What’s the best way to plan a trip?

The best way to plan a trip through Jacksonville Transit is to plan at least a day in advance by identifying the destination. Passengers should then locate the closest bus stop to their destination and determine which route(s) serve that stop.  Passengers should also download the Token Transit app so that is installed and ready to use.   If the passenger is unable to download the app, they can purchase tickets at Jacksonville Station, or have exact change for the bus fare.  For questions, please call 910-938-RIDE.

Safety & Security

What happens if a passenger breaks the bus rules or causes trouble on the bus?

Consequences for inappropriate behavior on the bus may range from the passenger being asked to depart from the bus by the bus driver or the driver requesting assistance from Jacksonville City Police in removing the passenger from the bus. 

Are the buses equipped with cameras?

Jacksonville Transit buses are fully equipped with cameras to ensure the safety of both passengers and the bus driver.

Rules and Regulations

Are the buses ADA accessible?

Jacksonville Transit vehicles meet the accessibility and equipment requirements of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). Vehicles with features required to make them readily accessible to and usable by individuals with disabilities will be maintained in an operative condition. These features include, but are not limited to, lifts, securement devised, signage and systems to facilitate communications to persons with impaired vision or hearing. For more information about ADA Procedures, please visit ADA Procedures

For more information regarding Rules and Regulations, please visit Rules and Regulations.

Locating my Bus

Can I view my bus in real time?

Jacksonville Transit works with TransLoc.  TransLoc allows passengers to view their bus in real time to move around on the map to see and load additional routes, explore routes and stops nearby, and select and pin favorite stops. Download the Token Transit app on Google Play or Apple Store.