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Refill It Reuse It reusable Bottle and LogoWorking to Reduce Single Use Plastic Waste One Refill at a Time 

The use of single-use pre-filled drinking water bottles has exploded in recent years.  With this, has come a surge in plastic going to our landfills, waterways and oceans.  NC banned these bottles from landfills effective Oct. 2009; these bottles are required to be recycled.  Even with the ban, only 20% of these plastic bottles are recycled.  Their use is partly convenience and partly due to concerns about the public water supply.  These bottle refilling stations address both concerns and the recycling issue.  

A Few Plastic Stats

  • Globally, we now buy 1-million plastic bottles per minute, of which 91% is not recycled
  • 20% of Single Use Plastic Bottles in Onslow County are not being recycled
  • It takes roughly 400 years for plastic to decompose.  Much of the plastic ends up in either the ocean or a landfill.  Cost is another issue.
  • Using local water costs, on a per-gallon basis, the 16.9-ounce bottles of water cost 382 times more than tap water. 

Reuse It Refill It Initiative

City of Jacksonville, Onslow County, NC Cooperative Extension – Onslow County, Onslow County Schools, and Sturgeon City have teamed together to initiate the Reuse It – Refill It effort.  The goal is to install more water bottle refilling stations at our public buildings and schools.  As an example, when a school has raised 50% of the cost for a refilling station and sponsor donations cover the other 50%, then a refilling station will be installed at that school. 

2018-19 Installations

As of the end of 2019,  more than a dozen Refill Stations have been retrofitted or installed in Jacksonville and Onslow County. The station at Jacksonville City Hall has more that 8,000 refills tallied and the County Government Building Refill station is close to that number and growing. 

Current Refill Stations in City and County Buildings:

  • Jacksonville City Hall, 815 New Bridge Street - 2 Refill stations
  • Jacksonville Center for Public Safety, 200 Marine Blvd
  • Jacksonville Commons Recreation Complex, 100 Recreation Ln - 2 Refill stations
  • Jacksonville Public Services Complex
  • Onslow County Government Center, 234 NW Corridor Blvd
  • Onslow Multipurpose Complex, 4024 Richlands Hwy - 2 Refill stations
  • Onslow Environmental Education Center and Library in Sneads Ferry (Spring 2020)
  • Sturgeon City Environmental Education Center, 50 Court St

Current Refill Stations in Onslow County Schools

  • Northside High School (Summer 2020)
  • New Bridge Middle School (Spring 2020)

Refitting Your Existing Water Fountain to a Refill Station

Refill Stations that fit over your existing wall  fountain starts at around $500. A new Wall fountain with Refill station starts around $1,500. Others style refill station and water fountain combos like free standing or larger wall systems can cost even more, $2,000 and up. 

Your Next Step to getting a Refill Station through the Reuse It Refill It Initiative

The Reuse It Refill it Initiative will help retrofit a water fountain that has public access. We will match funds (Up to $500) for purchase while our funding sources last. (See contact info below.)

Do you already have a refill station and still want to help? Donations are also accepted.  Install a Refill Station At Your business If you have or install a water bottle refilling station at your business, a decal will be provided for your REUSE-REFILL-smallstickerstore’s window. 

Like Our Sticker Design? You can have it added to your water fountain-refill station or you can put it in the window at your building when you donate or partner with the Reuse It Refill It Initiative.

Contact Us

Email Us with your comments and questions.
Call Jacksonville Stormwater Manager, Pat Donovan-Brandenburg at 910 938-6446 for questions, to donate or for more details on receiving assistance.

Reuse It Refill It Initiative Partners

City of Jacksonville, NC Cooperative Extension, Onslow County, Onslow County Schools, Sturgeon City