Environmentally Friendly Car Wash

Environmentally Friendly Car Wash How to: Environmentally Friendly Car Wash

Washing your  car on the grass and not on the street or driveway is the first step in pollution prevention. What cleaning fluids and chemicals you use  is equally important. Your lawn is pervious, meaning water can be absorbed here. Your lawn will actually serve as a natural filter, cleaning out biodegradable cleaners as the water sinks back into the ground and aquifers. 

Roadways and cement are not pervious, and water will flow down your driveway, into the street and down to the storm drain taking all the cleaning chemicals with it. Remember that our City storm drains flow directly to local waterways, so any trash or chemicals you put there will pollute our rivers, streams and bay. To assure that you are doing your part in pollution prevention please follow these steps:

  • Wash your car at a car wash, or on the grass. Don’t wash your car on the driveway where the wash water runs into the street.
  • Use a hose with a shut off valve to reduce water consumption and avoid potential runoff from your lawn. Consider using a bucket with water and sponge, which will use only a few gallons of water to wash your car. 
  • Use Green products for washing your car. Read the label and choose the best product to keep pollutants out of drains and your property.