Help Me Home Program

Blue and green graphic with text Help Me Home program and Police and Fire BadgesHelp Me Home is a program designed to assist your loved one with mental illness, Autism Spectrum Disorder, those with dementia or Alzheimer's and those with cognitive impairments.  Anyone with mental illness or medical condition that impacts cognitive processing or communication skills may benefit from the Help Me Home program.  

The City of Jacksonville Public Safety offers the Help Me Home program to help better serve families whose loved ones have Autism, cognitive impairments, or other medical conditions. Individuals with these conditions may leave the safety of their home without the knowledge of a caregiver. Registering your loved one with Jacksonville Public Safety allows Law Enforcement to quickly identify and have knowledge about your loved one that will help us communicate with them and get them back home safely.  

Registrant information is kept confidential. By registering them in the Help Me Home program, you will provide Jacksonville Public Safety First Responders with vital information in the event of an emergency.  Register for the Help Me Home Program. For additional information, contact JPD Community Services Division at 910 938-6406 or Emily Moczo at 910 455-4000.