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Interactive Opportunity Zone Map

The interactive map of the City's Opportunity Zone 2019 includes information regarding open land, zoning types, current connectivity and future plans, flood zones, sidewalks, neighborhoods, streets, business areas, open land, pedestrian and recreational areas and more. Viewers are able to select their layers of interest and customize views. Click left of the title 'Opportunity Zone 2019' to see the overlay menu.

Opportunity Zone Maps - View and Print

You will find the following layers included it the interactive map above:

Flood Zones
Points of Interest
Transportation Projects
Jacksonville Opportunity Zone-Concept 3Pedestrian Trails and Greenways
Future Road Connections
UDO Zoning

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Concept 1, Concept 2, Concept 3, Existing Flood Zone, Wetlands Fact Sheet, Wetlands, Zoning

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