One City, Our City, My City

One City, Our City, My City is a year long campaign with the vision that states Jacksonville is a unified and Caring Community. We are One City. The campaign comes after a year of meetings with members of the City’s faith community where the need for tolerance, understanding and civility was discussed.

Mayor Phillips leads the group and the announcement held Friday July 21, 2017 to launch the campaign. Previously the Mayor announced the campaign in February during the State of the Community Address. He offered the project was an extension of the City’s mantra of being "A Caring Community," and follows on the discussion with the faith community to campaign for a civil society.

One City - Our City - My City

"The One City, Our City, My City campaign is something all can be involved in whether you live in Jacksonville or not. It simply asks you to participate in caring about your neighbor, about open lines of communication, about treating others with respect. It’s about listening to different points of view and tolerance. It’s a time to apply our faith to our actions in the community."

"We’ve all seen on the national level how divisive these times can be. For Jacksonville, we want to show how together we can be. How we can care about each other. I’m asking all congregations, all Citizens to join with me. All groups and organizations and even other governments. All to join in this campaign for a new civil society. One of tolerance, caring and action. One City, Our City, My City."

Jacksonville Mayor, Sammy Phillips - February 2017

Call to Action

The One City mission is to promote civility, caring and collaboration between all citizens of the City of Jacksonville. Join in this campaign to build Jacksonville as One City, Our City, My City. Identify actions that you, your congregation, group or neighborhood can do to make us One City. look to the right to see a few ways you can embrace One City ideals in your daily life.

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One City Moments

Jacksonville City Council and City Advisory Committees Share "One City Moments on G10TV" during their regularly scheduled meetings. Here you will see examples of what your local community is accomplishing with One City in mind. You will also see One City Moments included in your Utility Billing monthly message, on Facebook and in the City Calendar for 2018.

Share Your One City Moment

Email us with your One City ideas or Moments.

2018 Campaign Activities

One City Campaign members are planning to participate in activities to speak to you about the mission and vision of this important effort. Scheduled participation:

  • January 15 - Martin Luther King Jr Day of Service
  • February 1, 2 - Annual Nonprofit Board Development Training
  • TBD - Annual Montford Point Marine Association Black & White Dinner
  • April 21 - Art Block Festival on New Bridge Street
  • April 27 - Arbor Day Observance
  • May 3 - National Day of Prayer
  • May 5 - Jacksonville's Jamboree
  • August 7 - National Night Out at Riverwalk Crossing Park

One City, Our City, My City Faith Committee Members

  • Mayor Sammy Phillips - email the Mayor
  • Pastor Jason Brinker
  • Rev James Brown
  • Rev Joel Churchwell
  • Rev Dr Amy Spann Ciceron
  • Prophet Mike Claiborne
  • Mrs Climetine Clayburn
  • Mr Frank Clayburn
  • Pastor Will Jones
  • Pastor Kenneth Lester
  • Col Grover Lewis, III
  • Apostle Aubrey G Mullen, Jr
  • Pastor Chris Phillips
  • Bishop Will Smith
  • Pastor Ron Stribling