Office of Livable Neighborhoods - OLN

Office of Livable Neighborhoods

The City of Jacksonville is dedicated to building safe, livable neighborhoods for all Citizens. The Office of Livable Neighborhoods was created to bring residents of neighborhoods together to form a unified voice for improving their community and addressing concerns with City Staff. Two pilot Neighborhood Organizations, Bayshore and Bell Fork, have already joined forces with the City and are seeing improvement.

The Office of Livable Neighborhoods can help your neighborhood address issues such as street lights, road maintenance, sidewalk paving and maintenance, fix code violations, improve or establish neighborhood parks, Public Safety patrol and more.

Neighborhood Connect Session, May 14

Tuesday, May 14, 6-7PM
Center for Public Safety
Community Room
200 Marine Boulevard
Jacksonville, NC 28540

Be the connection between your neighbors and the City! Join us for a meet-and-greet with City Officials, receive updates about City projects & programs, learn more about what Jacksonville has to offer, discover what new opportunities are coming to the City, and find out how to stay updated with important City messages. You will leave with information to take back and help keep your neighbors informed. Open to Residents and Business Owners. Questions? Contact Pamela Trafton at 910 938-6551. Space is limited. Register today to reserve your seat! 

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Neighborhood Organizations

A neighborhood organization is a group of residents who work together to improve and maintain the quality of life in their community. Organizations can form to work on a particular issue, plan events or renew a neighborhood. They can take the shape of neighborhood organizations, garden clubs, neighborhood watch organizations, homeowners' organizations and other groups. Creating a Neighborhood Organization is a great way to start the process of participation in this program.

Although the principal work of creating an organization and carrying out its activities rests with residents themselves, Jacksonville's Community Engagement staff are there to assist. Once your Neighborhood Organization is established, the next step is to sign up with Jacksonville's Office of Livable Neighborhoods so you may work together to implement positive change.

How a Neighborhood Organization can benefit you and your neighbors:

  • An organization provides a way for neighbors to get to know and support each other
  • When organized, neighborhoods have more power to make changes and reach goals.
  • Members of an organization gain a unified voice and influence in community affairs.
  • Having an organization allows better communication with local government and other agencies.
  • Residents assume responsibility for keeping their neighborhood healthy and vital.

Are you Ready to start?

Here are some tips and tools to help you get started with your Neighborhood Organization:

Connect Your Organization with the Office of Livable Neighborhoods in Jacksonville

Signing up is easy! Contact us at 910 938-5286, fill out an online Sign Up form, (printable PDF version (PDF)) or stop by City Hall, 815 New Bridge Street to speak with an OLN representative.

Our Commitment to You

The Office of Livable Neighborhoods will:

  • Assist you in setting up neighborhood meetings with OLN
  • Invite appropriate City Staff to speak at meetings
  • Work with City Staff to address your concerns
  • Coordinate with City Staff to implement positive change