Traffic Management

Intelligent Transportation System

COJ Signal Tech Maintaining City Signals

The City of Jacksonville’s Intelligent Transportation System(ITS) purpose is to provide citizens with the most efficient traffic flow on the City’s busiest corridors. We accomplish this through a combination of cameras, traffic control software, Bluetooth traffic monitoring devices, dynamic message boards, and over 40 miles of fiber optic cable to connect it all together. Emergency Vehicle Preemption is an additional benefit of the system. This capability allows for large emergency vehicles to be given priority at traffic signals reducing response times. The system is maintained through a partnership between the City of Jacksonville and the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT).

The City’s Traffic Signal Technicians conduct regular preventative maintenance to ensure the system is always performing at a high level.

The Traffic Operations Center(TOC) is housed in the Center for Public Safety and acts as the central hub of the system. Inside the center is a 25 foot video wall allowing Traffic Signal staff to monitor traffic in real-time and make on the spot changes to adapt to a variety of traffic congestion issues. The TOC is staffed Monday-Friday; however, staff does have remote access capability to be able to monitor the system outside normal working hours.

Traffic Operations Center

The ITS system provides Traffic Signal staff with notifications 24/7 of signal hardware failures to allow for quick response.

ITS System Features Include the Following:

  • 100 Connected Traffic Signal Controllers

  • 68 monitoring cameras

  • 28 BlueTOAD Devices

  • 10 Digital Message Boards

Report an Issue

To report a traffic signal emergency, signal timing issue, or other traffic signal issue within the City of Jacksonville, please call 910 938-7433 or send an email.

To report a traffic signal issue in other areas of Onslow County, call the Department of Transportation, NCDOT Traffic Services line at 910 341-2200.

Fiber Optic Communications

The City’s Traffic Signal Division maintains both the NCDOT and City fiber optic networks. City staff have the ability to splice fiber optic cable as well as troubleshoot connectivity issues. This ensures networks are performing at an optimal level to give citizens a quality level of service as it pertains to traffic and support City’s IT department.