Project 365

What is Project 365?

As part of National Night Out, Jacksonville Police take part in a year round project to better the community. The National Night Organization planted a seed and asked each National Night Participating City to take up a project designating a problem area and work to make a positive change.

The project could encompass anything from a park overtaken by drug dealers, to a gang problem, to a graffiti problem, to expanding Neighborhood Watch, to a particular block or neighborhood plagued by crime, drugs or violence.

Jacksonville Police, working for a Clean & Green Jacksonville

The City of Jacksonville has taken up the task of cleaning up Graffiti within the City limits and is working to help educate the public and business owners on how to eliminate the negative impact that graffiti can have on the health of the defaced structures, as well as helping to keep our City a Clean and Green Jacksonville.

Taking the Clean & Green Jacksonville efforts a step further, Jacksonville Police have also tackled clean up efforts throughout the community.

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Each Year, the Project 365 team selects a new area to clean up and is always on the lookout for Graffiti.

Graffiti Is A Crime - Really?

Yes, really. If it is not your property and you deface it, you will get arrested and you could do jail time.

Did you also know that:

  • Graffiti is the most common type of property vandalism (35%) and continues to rise
  • Basic types of graffiti include gang, hate, and non-threatening messages like “I was here”
  • 80% of graffiti is “tagger” graffiti (name)
  • 5% are “pieces,” or large visuals
  • Nationally, gang graffiti is 10% of graffiti
Police car and graffiti

Graffiti Prevention - What you can do to help

  • Report it - Contact Jacksonville Police to report the graffiti vandalism at 910 455-4000 or report it through Report a Crime online.
  • Get an Incident Report - Incident reports are a common requirement of insurance companies.
  • Identify - Work with local authorities to identify if the graffiti is being done by ‘taggers’ or gangs.
  • Check with Police about safety concerns when removing gang graffiti.
  • Document - Take a picture of the graffiti before it is removed. Photographs will assist Police.
  • Remove - Remove graffiti as quickly as possible. This will help to dissuade future incidents.

Dog Walker Watch

A new program that is part of Project 365 is the Dog Walker Watch program. There are many dog lovers in Jacksonville, and therefore, many Citizens out walking dogs at all times of the day and evening, in all kinds of weather conditions. Jacksonville Police Department Community Services will train Citizens to effectively observe and report suspicious activity they see while out on their daily dog walking routine.

Learn more about the program.

Jacksonville Police Department Community Services can be reached at 910 455-4000.