Unified Development Ordinance (UDO)

UDO Background

In 2007 the City of Jacksonville embarked on a Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) project. The project is the first comprehensive update of the city’s zoning ordinance since its adoption in 1972, although a number of revisions have been made to the ordinance over the years. The City hired Clarion Associates to prepare the new UDO. The process began with a series of interviews with stakeholders, elected and appointed officials, and city staff during the project initiation meetings and independent review of the city’s planning and regulatory documents. Five major themes or goals for the ordinance re-write emerged from the Clarion team’s interviews. These goals were consistent with the stated goals of the project as identified by the city and with many best practices in land use regulation. They were:

  • Make the code more customer-friendly,
  • Streamline the development review process,
  • Modernize the zoning districts and uses,
  • Improve development quality, and
  • Encourage development and redevelopment in downtown and other key areas that is consistent with the community’s planning and development goals. 

After many hours of preparation, review by City staff, the appointed UDO Steering Committee, the Planning Advisory Board and the Jacksonville City Council, the draft UDO can be found at the following link:

Transition to New Zoning Districts

In conjunction with the UDO, land with a zoning district classification from the previous zoning ordinance was reclassified to one of the zoning district classifications within the UDO. As a result, every property within the City’s jurisdiction (City limits and Extraterritorial Jurisdiction) was rezoned accordingly.

UDO (PDF) (This document is available to view by downloading the pdf, or you may stop by City Hall at 815 New Bridge Street in Jacksonville.)

Administrative Manual (PDF) (This document accompanies the UDO by outlining polices and procedures including submittal processes and requirements) Last updated: 8/28/14

UDO Process Timeline