Important Contact Numbers

Community Services for Crime Victims

Our community is fortunate to have a network of Victim Assistance Programs. The Jacksonville Police Department's Victim Assistance Program will work with other agencies in a spirit of cooperation, communication and coordination.

Emergency Numbers

Department Phone Number
Medical 911
Sheriff 911
Fire 911
Ambulance 911

Non-Emergency Numbers

Department Phone Number
Jacksonville Police Department
910 455-1472
Onslow County Sheriff's Department
910 455-3113
State Highway Patrol
910 347-1751

Criminal Justice Services

Department Phone Number
Clerk of Court
910 455-4458
District Attorney's Office
910 455-8008
Estate and Probate
910 455-4458
Onslow County Jail
910 937-1490
Probation and Parole
910 455-4826
910 347-2915

Victim Assistant Services

Department Phone Number
Jacksonville Police Victim Assistance (24 hours)
Crisis intervention, information, support, and advocacy for victims of felony crimes

Jacksonville Police Department Victim Assistance Program
P.O. Drawer 436
Jacksonville, NC 28541
910 455-1472
District Attorney's Victim / Witness Program
Information and assistance with criminal justice procedures, case status, and court appearances
Superior Court
910 455-8008

District Court
910 455-4458

8:30 AM - 5 PM
Family Services Center (by appointment)
Individual and group treatment program for sexual abuse victims and their families
Onslow Women's Center, Inc (24 hours)
Shelter for battered women and their children, etc.
910 347-4000
Domestic Violence Intervention
910 347-4000
Crisis Line
910 577-1900
Rape Crisis Center
Crisis intervention, information, support, and advocacy for victims of sexual assault and their families
910 347-4000
Second Chance Mission 910 455-8855