Community Watch Activities

Typically a Community Watch Program will start with activities which deter residential burglary, security surveys, Operation ID, putting up signs, etc. These activities are important because they deter home burglaries and build a sense of immediate accomplishment.

Security Surveys

Don't have an "open house" when it comes to burglars. Conducting a security survey on your home will help you identify weak points that may help a burglar. By eliminating these weak points, you improve your protection.

Operation Identification

A successful operation Identification program helps deter burglars, assists in the arrest and prosecution of criminals and facilitates the return of stolen property.

Encourage residents to engrave their driver's license number (preceded by the letters "NCDL") on their personal property. This, coupled with operation Identification decals on doors and windows, warns "would-be" burglars that valuables are marked.

Your local crime prevention officer may be able to supply you with an engraver, or you may want to purchase an engraver for use by members of your Community Watch. You may also want to list all your valuables and major possessions for future use in the event of theft or loss.

Placing Community Watch Signs

Community Watch signs serve notice to potential criminals that someone is watching them. Your local law enforcement agency can assist you in purchasing Community Watch signs for the major entrances to your community and for individual houses.

Cost of the signs, engravers, and other crime prevention activities are tax deductible when you belong to the Community Watch Association.

Additional Activities

There are a number of other crime prevention programs your Community Watch can do to promote a safer community. Following the home security activities, the community should collectively identify other concerns in their areas and discuss ways to address them. While your law enforcement agency will not necessarily be involved with all community projects, they may serve as a valuable resource in recommending a plan of action, speakers, or providing data in your community which will change everyone's lives for the better!