Community Watch

Community Watch Program

Community Watch is neighbors looking out for each other. Community Watch is a crime prevention program which enlists the active participation of Citizens in cooperation with law enforcement to reduce crime in their communities. Community Watch helps neighbors to get to know each other and work together to mutually prevent crime. Police teach participants to recognize and report suspicious activities in their neighborhoods


The goal of a Community Watch is to give potential criminals the feeling that everyone in the community is watching their every move and that they will be reported to law enforcement. Communities all across the state are working together to secure their homes, mark their valuables, identify drug dealers, develop child safety programs, clean up their neighborhoods and to improve the environment where their children and families live. Community Watch works when people get involved and stay involved.

Why Start A Community Watch

Law enforcement officers cannot be on every corner which makes Citizen involvement essential. You and your neighbors are the ones who really know what is going on in your community. By cooperating with each other and the police, neighborhoods can help fight crime right at home before it happens!

Questions about starting your own Community Watch? Please call 910 455-4000

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