Tourism Promotion Fund

FY18 Opportunities

The Jacksonville Tourism Development Authority is charged to increase overnight stays in Jacksonville lodging facilities. That is the challenge of the legislation that created the Authority and the mission that has been given to the Authority. Selective authority funding has benefited a positive change in overnight stays.

Some of the success has come from funding events, activities and programs that were initially not designed to draw overnight stays, to be molded in a fashion that would make them attractive to draw overnight guests. Work continues on that with the existing programs, activities and events.

Now the Authority is seeking tourism development opportunities not previously funded by the Authority. An invitation is being made for these events.

The events, programs or activities must be:

  • Direct Generators of substantial overnight stays in Jacksonville Lodging Facilities. That is, the activity itself, must be able to provide the reason that persons will stay overnight. The construction of the activity must be in a manner that drives overnight stays in a sufficient quantity that it will provide a positive return on investment.
  • Sustainable and repeatable or producing a momentous and beneficial one-time benefit. The Authority desires to fund activities or events that can be annual or recurring in a regular manner so that the marketing generated can build on each year’s activities. Successful events develop their own brand and generate interest from the mere mention of their brand. As an alternate, the Authority might consider a single event if the activity will fill a significant number of lodging rooms.
  • Fiscally sound with funding secured for the activity operation. The project should stand on its own and be fully funded.
  • Would benefit from marketing outside the region. The Authority normally only funds out of market promotional funding. The funding is intended to extend the reach of an activity, event or program to promote the overnight stays in Jacksonville lodging facilities.
  • Would reflect positively for Jacksonville as a Caring Community as well as following on our theme of Receive a Hero's Welcome for our visitors. The City and the Authority are interested in having their name associated only with events that are well-run, are family-friendly and which would not be in conflict with the image of the City as a Caring Community. Nor should the event or activity be in conflict with the marketing tag line of "Receive a Hero's Welcome" used in promotional efforts of the Tourism Development Authority.

The program, event or activity must take place between September 1, 2017 and August 31, 2018 or require significant attention prior to a date beyond this range.

Sports related activities should contact the Jacksonville-Onslow Sports Commission staff for a review. All events that are Sports related must be vetted by the Sports Commission and a recommendation will be required from the Sports Commission prior to the consideration of the event.

Non sporting events, activities or programs not previously funded by the Authority, are encouraged to call 938-5220 for a technical meeting as soon as possible. This invitation expires February 9, 2017 and is not for programs, activities or events which have been previously funded.

For FY17 Funded Events

Events funded during the current fiscal year (FY17) will be sent an invitation to a session to discuss plans for FY18. For events that have been held prior to March, completion of the after-action report is required before the invitation can be made.