Authority Members

Jacksonville NC LogoThe Jacksonville Tourism Development Authority formed in 2010 to foster overnight stays at Jacksonville lodging facilities and to promote tourism.

A six member board, elected by the Jacksonville City Council, administers the mission of the Authority. Members of the City of Jacksonville staff as well as consultants are engaged to help implement the mission.

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Randy Thomas, ChairmanRandy Thomas, Jacksonville Council Member

Mr. Thomas is a former member of the Jacksonville City Council and is a native of the City of Jacksonville. He was elected to the City Council in 2007 and to the Authority in 2017.

Jacksonville Tourism Development AuthorityKen Hagan, Vice Chairman

Mr. Hagan is a former City Manager for Jacksonville NC and has been very active in the promotion of sports. He served as the City’s Recreation and Parks Director and retired from the City after 34 years. He was instrumental in the founding of the Jacksonville-Onslow Sports Commission and served as a member of the Board. He was also heavily involved in the development of Sturgeon City Environmental Education Center and is a current member of the Sturgeon City Board of Directors. He was appointed in 2010, and has served as the vice chair since that date.

Rick Young, Board Member

Chris Davis

Mr. Davis has been affiliated with several lodging facilities in and around Jacksonville. He holds a seat dedicated to those who are affiliated with tax collecting facilities and has been active in the promotion of Jacksonville as a travel destination. He was first appointed in 2018.

Bob WardenBob Warden, City Councilmember

Bob Warden is a member of the Jacksonville City Council and was elected to the Authority in 2021.

Ernie Wright, Board Member

Ernie Wright

Mr. Wright is an attorney at law and active in several activities related to tourism development. He was first appointed in 2012 and became a board member in 2015. He has advocated for the Tourism Promotion Fund, a project to incubate and develop activities that would encourage overnight stays in Jacksonville Lodging Facilities. 

Rick YoungChris Davis, Board Member

Mr. Young was first appointed in 2015 when he was affiliated with two lodging facilities. He holds a seat mandated to be filled with someone who is affiliated with a tax collecting facility. He left the field in 2016 and returned to managing a lodging facility. He was reappointed to the Authority in 2019 and is active in the promotion of tourism in the Jacksonville community.

Emeritus Member

Bill Hemmingway

William C Hemmingway, Board Member (Emeritus)Mr. Hemmingway served as the finance director, tax collector and clerk for the City of Jacksonville. He was a fixture for the Fleet Reserve Association and as such was active in the promotion of Jacksonville as a tourism destination and for recognition of our community as one where heroes live. He was an original member of the Tourism Authority in 2010 and served until 2017 at which time the City Council approved the creation of an Emeritus Member status and awarded it to Mr. Hemmingway. He passed December 26, 2018.

Jacksonville Tourism Development Authority Meetings

The Authority typically meets on the last Thursday of the month during the months of January- May, in July, and September. During November, the Authority typically meets the Thursday before Thanksgiving.

Authority Budgets

The Authority adopts a simplified budget following the State law for allocation of funds to Tourism Promotion and Tourism Related activities.