Economic Development

While new growth and commerce is evident in our community, the City of Jacksonville works with partners to seek out new employment and economic opportunities for our Citizens.

Jacksonville Onslow Economic Development (JOED) is in part funded by the City of Jacksonville and works to maintain and attract industry and economic activities. The JOED handles inquiries, leads, and questions form prospective industries and economic activities and works closely with the North Carolina Department of Commerce. Additionally, the JOED works to maintain industry that the area has and is faithful to military related matters that affect our economy.

business park.png

Jacksonville Business Park

The Jacksonville Business Park was created by the City of Jacksonville to have as an area of development for back-office businesses and incubation of businesses. Miller Mott College is a tenant of the park located off Williamsburg Parkway. Inquires about the park should be directed to the JOED. View a business park map (PDF).

Jacksonville also works with the Jacksonville-Onslow Chamber of Commerce to ensure that the voice of the business community is heard. The chamber works well to advocate for the business community.

City Government Roles

The Mayor and City Council have taken a proactive stance to advance new business development in the community and is particularly working to advance the downtown area.

For new business and economic opportunities, the City Manager’s Office acts as a “dragonslayer” to assist in fairly navigating the process of setting up a business.