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City of Jacksonville water source diagram


The City's Water Treatment Plant uses a system called nanofiltration, which safely removes undesirable organics, salts, and contaminates that may have bad taste. During the filtration process, unwanted particles are collected for disposal. Learn about the groundwater treatment via nanofiltration process.

Studies show that bottled water contains more contaminates than water processed with nanofiltration. Nanofiltration is an advanced treatment method that can also reduce salt levels and eliminate contaminants that older methods cannot treat. Tap water must also undergo stringent Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mandated testing. The FDA exempts bottled water companies from many of these tests according to the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Initial Treatment

Only water from the Castle Hayne aquifer is pumped to the Water Treatment Plant. Water is drawn through 24 inch lines from shallow wells. The plant can process up to 4 million gallons of water daily.

Incoming water is treated with an antiscalant, a safe chemical that protects filters from buildup. Water initially passes through filters that remove large particles from the water.

Computerized Control Room Station

The Water Treatment Plant uses a computerized monitoring system that allows the plant manager and staff to monitor and control the performance of water filtration during all stages of treatment.

Quality Testing

Water is tested in the lab for quality control. Testing is conducted at all stages of treatment and filtration for evaluation of:

  • Chlorine residuals
  • Dissolved oxygen
  • Orthophosphates
  • pH levels

Lab testing helps to determine the quality of the water coming into the plant from the Castle Hayne Aquifer and water that has been treated at the plant.

Final Treatment

After the nanofiltration process is complete, water is treated with a bio scrubbing system, which uses a safe chemical to eliminate any naturally occurring odors that remain. After odor removal, water is disinfected, conditioned, and the pH is adjusted. Thoroughly cleansed water is held in a 2 million gallon container before distribution.

Contact Us

Questions about your City water? Call the Water Plant at 910 938-5234.

Water Plant Grand Opening

The City celebrated the opening of the Water Treatment Plant on August 3, 2011. Residents and business and community leaders were in attendance to see City Council and the mayor 'turn on the taps'.