Water We Drink

The City of Jacksonville operates the City’s wells, storage facilities, water treatment, and pumping facilities in order to provide an adequate, reliable, safe, and palatable water supply to the community. Using nanofiltration, the City's new water plant provides drinking water that meets higher standards than that of bottled water. This new plant has the capability for desalination, if needed, to help in producing water that is palatable.

Objectives for producing palatable and safe drinking water:

  • To operate the water supply system in compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act and state regulations.
  • To promote Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance among employees
  • To maintain the City’s water plant, well system, and elevated tanks in order to provide efficient operation
  • To run all laboratory analyses in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved methodology

Drinking Water Quality Report

Each year, the City publishes an annual report on water quality for the City of Jacksonville. The Annual Drinking Water Quality Report is available for public view online and at City Hall, 815 New Bridge Street.