Ditches & Drainage

Some ditches, creeks and streams in the City of Jacksonville carry stormwater runoff from streets. The City of Jacksonville Streets Division will maintain ditches, creeks and streams to ensure that water continues to flow, allowing for proper drainage

Here's what you need to know about how the City maintains ditches and how residents share the responsibility:

City Responsibility

  • The City maintains ditches that carry stormwater runoff from City-maintained streets or City property. There are some NCDOT and private roadways in the Jacksonville city limits that City crews are not authorized to work on.
  • City Crews will only clear obstructions that block the flow of stormwater runoff to aid in proper drainage. 
  • City crews do not mow ditch embankments. While ditch vegetation can become unsightly and may eventually need attention, it also helps to stabilize ditch banks, keeping the slope from deteriorating and preventing embankment collapses. Vegetative growth retardants may be used where appropriate.
  • Monthly maintenance is scheduled for City-maintained ditches, but Citizens can help identify ditches that need attention by calling 910 938-5333.

Property Owner Responsibility

  • It is the responsibility of property owners within the City of Jacksonville to keep ditches and swales on their property maintained. 
  • Easements may not be filled in, nor should anything be placed in them to impede the flow of water per North Carolina General Statute 77-14.
  • For more information on property owner responsibility, please review the City Code: Jacksonville City Code Section 23-7

Report an Issue

With many ditches to maintain within the Jacksonville City limits, Citizens can alert the Streets Division to a problem area by reporting the location and condition. If you see a ditch that you feel needs attention, call 910 938-5333. Please note, City crews are only allowed to maintain ditches that contain stormwater runoff from City-maintained streets. There are NCDOT and private roadways in the Jacksonville city limits that City crews are not authorized to work on. The City of Jacksonville does not maintain ditches or swales on private property.