Mosquito Control

Mosquito Spray truck - City of JacksonvilleDon't Give Mosquitoes a Chance!

The City Streets Division is working to minimize the mosquito population in Jacksonville. The City has a mosquito spray schedule to help accomplish this goal. You can help minimize places that mosquitoes breed and grow.

Mosquitoes need water to breed and grow. It doesn't take much water and it doesn't take much time. So, almost anything that will hold water for one week or more can produce these pests. Many places around your home may be causing mosquito problems. Destroy or empty these places and mosquitoes won’t have a chance!

It takes about one week for a mosquito to grow from egg to adult; here are a few recommendations you should follow:

  • Throw away old bottles and cans.
  • Clean overgrown ponds and stock with fish.
  • Empty water from flowerpot dishes.
  • Screen or cover rain barrels.
  • Change water in birdbaths weekly.
  • Clean leaf-clogged gutters.
  • Repair leaky faucets.
  • Throw away or destroy used tires.
  • Fill tree holes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.When does the city start spraying for mosquitoes?
Mosquito spraying generally starts citywide the month of July or August depending on mosquito population.

2.When will my area be sprayed?
View the mosquito control-spraying schedule. Schedules are pending based on weather conditions. The city does not spray if it rains or is extremely windy. Areas not sprayed on their scheduled days will be sprayed as soon as conditions are favorable. Call the Streets Division to schedule a spray in your area at 910-938-5333.

3.Why inspect for mosquitoes, why not just spray?
It is part of our Mosquito Control Program to inspect, not just the resident’s home, but also the surrounding area for possible breeding sites and to provide educational information to residents of the City of Jacksonville in mosquito control. No area will be sprayed without an inspection.

4.Who sprays for mosquitoes at churches and schools?
The City of Jacksonville does not spray private property, but will spray on city streets within the area. Spraying on private property is the responsibility of the property owner.
5.Do you spray for any bugs besides fire ants and mosquitoes (i.e. bees, termites, etc.)?
The City of Jacksonville Streets Division only sprays for mosquitoes.
6.Can I spray for bugs myself?
If you choose to spray for bugs, you must contact the City of Jacksonville Engineering Division at 910-938-5249 and apply for a permit and necessary requirements.

Are you a beekeeper? Please call the street department at 910 938-5333 for tips on how to keep your bees safe. 

Asian Tiger MosquitoHow to Control the Asian Tiger Mosquito

The tiger mosquito doesn't fly far from its breeding place. If it is a problem, water-filled containers must be nearby. The best way to control this mosquito around homes and businesses is to get rid of containers that can hold water. Some suggestions, include:

  • Recycle or throw away trash and unwanted items.
  • Cover, turn upside down, store indoors, or in some other way prevent useful items from filling with water.
  • Clean leaf-clogged gutters so they don’t hold water.
  • Change water weekly in outdoor containers like pet bowls, flowerpot dishes, or bird baths so that mosquito larvae won’t have time to become adults.


If you have questions, please call 910 938-5333.