Yard Waste


City yard waste is collected on most Wednesdays. The regular sanitation schedule may be altered during some holiday weeks or following a major storm. Holiday schedules are publicized on our website, online calendar, social media platforms, G10TV, and in the The Daily News newspaper.

Yard waste includes grass, clippings, leaves, and small limbs and branches. Please note that sod, dirt, rock and land clearing debris are not collected by the city.

Standard Collection Guidelines

To help us serve you better, please follow these yard waste collection guidelines:

  • Place grass, leaves, clippings, and limbs in 20- to 32-gallon containers or in paper bags (do not use plastic bags). The weight limit per container is 50 pounds.
  • Volume should not exceed 128 cubic feet (4 feet wide x 4 feet high x 8 feet long).
  • Limbs should be less than 4ft in length; logs should be no larger than 2ft in diameter and 4ft in length.
  • Place yard waste less than 3ft from curb and at least 3ft from other objects, including containers, vehicles, electric boxes, and poles. Do not place yard waste in the roadway.
  • Do not use City issued 96-gallon refuse container or 64-gallon recycle container for yard waste.
  • Separate yard waste and household garbage into different containers.
  • Place construction and building materials separate from yard waste.
  • For large removal assistance, call 910 938-5338 or fill out the online form.

If you have excessive yard waste, fill out the online form to schedule a special pickup.

Yard waste piles such as limbs and branches that are in excess of one cord (4 feet x 4 feet x 8 feet) or 128 cubic feet may be subject to a collection fee. Visit the bulk item page for more information. Contact Sanitation at 910 938-5338 for assistance.

Collection Guidelines Following A Storm

Following any major storm, City Sanitation and Street Crews will be working hard to collect yard debris piles. Jacksonville Sanitation will prioritize yard debris collection according to the hardest hit areas, starting in areas with the greatest amount of fallen trees.

Yard waste piles that do not exceed 128 cubic feet (4 feet wide x 4 feet high x 8 feet long) or debris that is placed in containers will allow for easier and potentially quicker pickup by Sanitation crews. Larger debris piles will need to be collected by specialized equipment, which may take time.

Note: It is illegal to burn yard waste in the Jacksonville City limits.

To help with the process, the City asks that items be placed along the curb, not in the street, in an orderly fashion.

Area 1: Yard Waste in a pile or containers with sturdy handles

- Includes leaves, branches, and trees cut to lengths less than 4 feet.
- Any loose debris such as leaves, small twigs and pine needles must be contained in either a paper Yard Waste bag or sturdy container with handles.
- Large limbs and branches must be cut to 4-6 foot lengths and piled neatly at the curb, not in the street.
- Do not move yard waste intertwined with any downed lines 

Area 2: Construction Debris in a pile

- Decking, furniture, wet carpeting, fences, appliances, electronics

If it is your regular day for Garbage and Recycling...

Area 3: Your regular Residential Rollout Garbage Container

- In Household Waste Rollout Container, traditional household waste items
- If your container is damaged or lost call 910 938-5338 (there are a limited number of containers available)

Area 4: Recycling (in rollout container)

- In Recycling Rollout Container, traditional recycling items
- Please break down any cardboard and place in your containers
- If your containers are damaged or lost, or you need additional information, call 910 938-5338.

If you hire your own Contractor: Private contractors hired to help you with post storm cleanup, or construction, should be made to be responsible for disposing of the items and not leave them on the curb.

Do Not Burn Yard Waste

Opening burning is prohibited within the Jacksonville city limits. Do not burn your yard waste, including leaves, limbs and other trash. Yard waste should be placed in sturdy containers or paper bags and placed at the curb for Sanitation collection. Call Sanitation at 910 938-5338 for more information.