2019-08-SanitationInAction-LMIMG_8333We Recycle Weekly

For residential and small business customers, recycling collection is on the same day as your trash collection day. The City provides a recycling container for your use.

City Recycling Resources

What to Recycle

Recycling Program Changes

For many years, the City has had a successful recycling program and has encouraged residents and businesses to recycle most items. However, as recent changes have occurred in the recycling industry, adjustments are needed to recycling programs that are serviced by Sonoco Recycling. Sonoco is the recycling contractor for the City of Jacksonville and Onslow County. These revisions apply to all local government and commercial entities serviced by Sonoco.

To avoid costly fees from the County recycling processor and to help maximize our recycling efforts, the City will now only collects the following items:

  • Plastic bottles, tubs, and jars (empty & rinse)
  • Aluminum and metal cans (empty & rinse)
  • Glass bottles and jars (empty & rinse)
  • Paper, cartons and cardboard (free from food waste)

No other items will be collected by the City for recycling. Should any unaccepted items be placed in the recycling container, your recycling may not be collected.

Unaccepted items include, but are not limited to: food-contaminated items, disposable cups, aluminum foil, pizza boxes, styrofoam material, tanglers (cords, hoses, wires, etc), shredded paper, plastic bags, toys, Christmas lights, needles, aerosol cans, mirrors, ceramics, appliances, batteries, clothing, diapers, auto parts, electronics, cooking pots & pans, light bulbs, mini blinds, scrap metal or wood, tires, yard waste, bulk waste, hazardous waste

Should you have questions about these changes to the City's recycling service, please email Sanitation or call the Department at 910 938-5338.

Plastic Bags & Recyclables

To help us serve you better, please do not place recyclables in plastic garbage or grocery bags. We do not collect plastic bags for recycling. To recycle your plastic grocery bags, take them to a grocery store that collects them for recycling.

Additional Recycling Resources

Locate recycling facilities anywhere you travel for free, 24 hours a day by calling 800-CLEANUP or 800 253-2687.

The NC Division of Environmental Assistance & Customer Service (DEACS) provides a Recycling Markets Directory with listings for numerous recycling businesses that can handle most any recyclable and reusable item, including pallets, textiles, food, furniture, paper, bottles, cans, and more. Click here for the Recycling Markets Directory.