Fire Inspection

Prevention & Inspections

Fire and Emergency Services Prevention and Inspections manages fire inspections within the City limits and extra territorial jurisdiction. This division also oversees fire protection requirements when a commercial building is being built or renovated, including plan reviews, permits, and associated fees, and the Knox Box program, where with one master key, Firefighters can quickly gain access to commercial and residential property during emergency situations.

Fire and Emergency Services is responsible fire investigations, determining cause of fire and reporting these findings, and also assists with completing fire prevention/life safety programs for local business, civic groups and any other organization upon request.

Fee Schedules

The City of Jacksonville has a fee scheduled for fire inspections.

The initial mandated fire inspection fee shall be at no charge (except in the ETJ which shall be $75). All re-inspection fees where all violations have been corrected within the specified time period inside City limits shall be at no charge/ in the ETJ will be charged $100. All re-inspections where all violations have not been corrected within the specified time period inside City limits shall be calculated at a set rate of $100 in the ETJ will be charged $150.

Fire Inspection


State Mandated Inspections

Fire inspection guidelines are available to assist in preparing for fire inspection, whether yearly, every other year, or once every three years. Below are examples of fire inspection frequencies.


  • Hazardous
  • Institutional
  • High rise
  • Assembly (ie: restaurant, bar, movie theater)
  • Mutlifamily residential
  • Biannual
  • Industrial
  • Educational (except public schools)


  • Business
  • Mercantile
  • Storage
  • Churches and synagogues

Applications & Forms

Questions? Contact Assistant Fire Chief Shaun Hayes at 910-455-8080 or Email Shaun Hayes