Helping All Reach More Options Through New Youth Givers

The HARMONY program is fostering the next generation of philanthropists in Onslow County. Young people (ages 13 to 18) with a charitable idea could receive funds starting at $100 to turn their idea into a reality. All you need is an engaging proposal and an accurate budget.

Requests that present creative solutions to healthy living, helping troubled youth, providing activities for youth, disaster relief, and life skills for youth are specific interests of the HARMONY Board and will receive extra consideration. If your idea is good enough, you may be able to raise more funds or get assistance from area businesses and community members.


How to Apply for a HARMONY Grant

First, you need an idea that will help other young people in the community and then turn that idea into a project proposal. An example of a project proposal could be an after school program that provides SAT study assistance.

Next, you need to make a budget. Our example SAT study group would need to budget for things like prep books, office supplies, snacks, and perhaps even a professional SAT instructor.

All project groups must have an adult supervisor or sponsoring organization to be eligible for a grant. Adult supervisors or sponsoring organizations could be a community group or a school.

HARMONY Application and Official Rules

Be sure to read the official rules and check out the sample project before applying. Once you've come up with a great a idea that will have a positive impact on youth in Onslow County you can print and fill out the application. To apply please click on the link below and turn in prior to 5 PM, February 3.

HARMONY Grant Application (PDF)