Citizen Academy

The Jacksonville Citizen Academy is designed to offer City residents a chance to know more about your local government. It also benefits those are interested in becoming more involved in local government and its activities. The Academy provides an opportunity to learn more about what your City government does, and offers an up close view into City operations.

The program helps increase transparency in the way the City operates and develops closer relationships between residents and City Hall. A hope is to expand the City’s volunteer capacity and increase candidates who could serve on advisory boards. The Academy is also to provide broad knowledge of the City’s operations to our Citizens and residents. Participants learn about the City budget, how laws are made, how planning and development works, the work of fire and police services and the tasks of the City.


Interested applicants may call 910 938-6551 or email Pamela Trafton,, for the Fall 2020 Citizen Academy. 

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Fall 2013 Citizen Academy Graduates
Fall 2012 Citizen Academy Graduates