Capital Improvement Program

High shot overlooking the City of Jacksonville downtown areaA Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) captures infrastructure and facility needs. However, this document does not include detailed staff, vehicles, equipment, technology, or transit needs - these needs will be incorporated into budget requests. Additionally, the first year of the CIP will be the capital budget for that same year along with additional requests for vehicles, equipment and technology that will be discussed during the budget process.

Jacksonville City Hall

This CIP has anticipated using the following funding sources:

  • User fees
  • Grants
  • Fundraising
  • Borrowing:
    1. Revenue bonds
    2. Installment purchase

It is also important to know what this CIP is not - and that is a perfect prediction of our needs. As acknowledged in current bid costs, the estimates made in a long-term plan are not the same as a project that has been fully designed and engineered. Staff will continually keep the CIP updated with new estimates as the year for funding approaches. A CIP is not a static document; it is a constantly changing document that must be flexible to incorporate updated costs and unforeseen needs.

Viewing the City CIP

The City has assembled a comprehensive CIP that shows previously approved projects as well as new requests. The result of this intense analysis of new and previously approved projects demonstrates to the City Council and our Citizens the investment that is being made to maintain vital infrastructure and plan for future needs. You can stop by City Hall at 815 New Bridge Street. We recommended that you call 910 938-5200 first to allow the city to make a viewing copy of the CIP available. You may also view the CIP (PDF) online.